All About Cadillac 331 365 390 Performance

The following info is from Marcus Edell (via The H.A.M.B. Messageboard)

First year was 1949 the CID was 331 OHV V8 same year the Olds 303 came out.From 1949-1962 this design engine was used (49-55 331CID) (56-58 365CID) (59-62 390CID)All intake manifolds,Camshafts,Water Pumps(diff outlet locations vary through the years),valve covers,heads,valley covers will fit on all [...]

I got an odd call the other day…

It seems that some people think that I actually own all the Cadillac Speed Parts that I have listed in my guide. The truth is,I don’t. I’ve had people ask,but never go to the extent to track down my phone number to call. I fully understand,the parts are rare finds,and I [...]